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Tobias van Schneider is a German multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things (he just doesn't like the word entrepreneur). Born in Germany and raised in Austria, he now lives and works in New York City.

Tobias van Schneider is a German multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. (he just doesn't like the word entrepreneur) Originally born in Germany, and raised in Austria, he now lives and works in New York City.

Tobias’ journey is a little different than most. He started his career by dropping out of high school at 15 with grand plans of becoming a software engineer. After realizing he, quite frankly, sucked at it, Tobias began teaching himself design at the age of 16. Fast forward a few years and he is now a designer, founder, speaker, mentor and maker.

Tobias is the co-founder of Semplice™, a portfolio system and community of the world’s leading designers who represent brands such as HUGE, BBDO, Tumblr, Disney, Apple, Firstborn, Unit9, R/GA, Razorfish and many more. Since its launch in 2014, Semplice has attracted the upper echelon of creative talent, resulting in a Showcase mined by top companies, admired by creative peers and referenced by aspiring young talent.

He is also the co-CEO of Carbonmade, which has helped more than 2 million people launch their personalized online portfolio. Creative types of all kinds – photographers, makeup artists, concept artists, designers, illustrators and more – use Carbonmade to build beautiful websites in the easiest, fastest way possible.

Most recently, Tobias co-founded, a privacy-first tool using artificial intelligence to help you save and find everything you want to remember. The mymind community exploded while still in beta, and has continued to grow exponentially since its official launch.

Tobias writes about design and productivity in his newsletter and on DESK, an online magazine reaching hundreds of thousands of designers and creators each month. Since 2016, DESK has been a trusted resource for those looking to challenge their thinking and find new perspectives on design and creativity. 

He has also written a book, Let’s Go to NYC, which helps creatives navigate the visa process and plan their move to New York.

Previously, Tobias served as art director & lead product designer at Spotify in New York. Spotify grew from 15 million users to 70+ million during this time, becoming the leading music streaming service in the world.

After founding his first design studio, Tobias had the honor of developing products and services for companies such as Red Bull, Google, NASA, BMW, Wacom, Sony, Fantasy Interactive, Stinkdigital, Toyota, Ralph Lauren and Bwin, to name a few. 

Today, working under the name House of van Schneider (HOVS), Tobias and his team have influenced and shaped products used and loved by millions. In addition to building and running its own products, House of van Schneider takes on one or two clients a year, the most recent of which was NASA.

Tobias has been honored with the net magazine Designer of the Year & Awwwards Art Director of the Year awards. He also served as a member on the Board of Directors at AIGA NYC and a supporter, advisor and mentor to a variety of programs around the world, including Cannes Lions, HyperIsland, Art Directors Club & the FWA.

In addition to his mentoring work, Tobias is advisor and creative director at memomi. He’s played a crucial role in creating the brand and overseeing the user experience to help establish the world’s first digital mirror software platform called Memory Mirror. Memomi aims to revolutionize the interactive shopping experience and recently launched with selected partners such as Intel, IBM, Sony and Panasonic.

Tobias’s work has been published in Wired, GQ Germany, FastCompany, Inc Magazine, net Magazine, Computer Arts, FirstRound Capital, BusinessInsider, Washington Post and TheNextWeb, among others.

Press & Recognition

Tobias' work and writing have earned recognition from highly acclaimed press around the world, including some of the few listed below. He also appears as a guest writer on Huffington Post and The Washington Post.



Besides publishing regularly on his blog, Tobias writes a weekly newsletter for more than 30.000+ readers, designers and otherwise. Topics range from design to psychology to career advice. 


As part of his work, Tobias had the honor of speaking for some of the world's leading creative minds. Events and companies include:

?? MIT MediaLabs, Cambridge
?? Disney, Los Angeles
?? GDA, Hong Kong

?? KStartups, South Korea
?? Awwwards, Barcelona
?? World IA Day, Greece
?? Epicurrence, San Francisco
?? AIGA, Nebraska
?? AIGA, Boston
?? AIGA, New Orleans
?? Made by Few, Arkansas
?? SVA Uni, New York City
?? KIKK Festival, Belgium
?? Wixfest, Tel Aviv
?? Future of WebDesign, SF
?? Future of WebDesign, NYC

?? DesignMadison, Madison
?? DynamicMTL, Montreal
?? Behance x Fjord, Stockholm
?? ByDesign, Bratislava
?? DiBi conference, London
?? WLGD conference, Copenhagen

Jury Panel

Touring the past couple years, Tobias has served as a jury member on award panels around the world, including:

Cannes Lions Award
Art Directors Club
GDA2015 Hong Kong
The Webbys
The Pixel Award
AIGA Nebraska
Adobe Creative Edge Awards
Ukrainian Design Awards
EyeEm Award 

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