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"A little gem I discovered long time ago and I'm very glad that it still keeps up. Always happy when it arrives in my inbox!"

"Look, there is no better part of my day then when an email comes in from Tobias. This newsletter helps bring focus to my efforts as well as introduces me to new concepts and ideas. Now I just need to convince Tobias to send it daily! :)"

"I just love it"

"I’ve been reading your email since the beginning and it still interests, informs and helps me. Please keep going :-)"

"The articles and topics covered are empathetic to creatives and designers, as if telling my stories or the stories of others that I would love to hear and learn more. "

"Thoughtful and insightful content from a creator that clearly has a lot of experiences to share. Always a pleasure to see the Van Schneider mailing arrive in my inbox"

"Any creative person should find this newsletter useful and fun to read. This is a great way to productively spend your 15 minute break."

"There’s always an interesting mix of design related topics put out by Tobias. You never know where he’ll take you, but you keep coming back because you know the content is quality and created with passion."


"In an ever-changing world, overflowing with gurus, mailing lists and trends, one feel the need to simplify to be effective. To follow less people in a deeper way, trying to actually implement what they say instead of just reading. Desk, from Tobias Van Schneider, is a good place to start."

"Each newsletters keeps me thinking until the next ones arrives to my inbox. It's a great source of "inspiration", but the one that's useful for becoming a better human not only a better designer. Thanks!"

"Tobias Van Schneider's newsletters consistently deliver thoughtful and engaging content with diverse perspectives on design. Particularly helpful for freelancers and students, but a great read for anyone :)"

"I get inspired by this mail every time! When I’m finished reading it I’m going to create something I wanted to do for a long time but never got to actually doing it. Thank you! :)"


"One of the most un-skippable email newsletters you can receive. Tobias consistently provides insightful and valuable thoughts worth reading—and sharing! His work inspires me and his writing provokes me to action. "


"It's thrilling to receive letters that are talking to you the way persons do –sitting somewhere and sharing their passions, thoughts, news, ideas, inspiration, insights. Such conversations give food for thought, ignite you in some ways, and make you feel creative as hell. Thanks, Tobias!"

"Refreshing readings that I always appreciate, especially the working tips for freelancers and thoughts on today's culture. I'm also a big fan of the playlists, I always work with Spotify on the background and I must say some of them are the perfect working soundtrack."

"Desk is an awesome repository of knowledge. Tobias always share the best advices related to his own experience, not only in the design field but also in life and music. I am always wainting for the next pieces of wisdom he shares with the comunity."


"I never sign up for newsletters, I mean they are annoying but yours is the one I wait for and when you miss one I swear I feel like I am missing out on something. Super informative and mind boggling stuff ✌?"

"Tobias always offer interesting insights and manages to keep things short, clear and relevant. "

"My cup of creative sanity every time I receive it in my inbox. Fast reading and overflowing with important or not so important information that I find most time relevant. As a long time observer - founder - editor and curator of the creative industry - the DESK is a MUST."

"Love your content on desk blog and writing style. I can connect to many things you write and it helps me understand different perspective. I like how to mixup Personal and Professional content. Woo, and I forgot to mention your mixtapes & shower thoughts is just awesome!"

"DESK is a breath of fresh air in a world blanketed by the modernistic ideal of "hustle and grind". Every email includes thought provoking concepts and articles that I look forward to reading!"

"I've been reading the DESK since its beginnings when I was new to design after seeing Tobias speak in ByDesign conference in Bratislava. Since then, besides other things, thanks to the articles and advice in DESK I was able to land a job in one of the top Danish design studios just in three years. Thank you!"

"One of the best parts of my week is reading Tobias' weekly emails. He provides an honest, down-to-earth take on navigating the various terrain as a professional creative. Tobias cuts to the heart of very relatable challenges in this field and shares inspiration and thought-provoking solutions that are directly applicable to any role."

"Have been reading Tobias' writing for more than 3 years. He provides succinct, intelligent yet accessible commentary on the state of design in the world today! Highly recommend."

"A blast of an email. Amazing, thoughtful and deep insights of design and common sense. I enjoy Tobias writing and find it very useful."

"Unpretentious newsletter."

"The DESK from Tobias is a source of inspiration and motivation (even for non-designers)! I am always looking forward to it. The longer the edition (content), the better?"

"Tobias has got it goin' on. Not only is he an awesome designer who shares only the best stuff with the community, but he's also a kind person. It feels as if he's a close friend who cares for me."

"Always like to receive this mail from you. Pretty much always inspiring with some nice content to read"


"I'm a Journalist not a designer, but I still sign up his email list, because every email his send is unique. Couple most ago he even send email about how to be good writer, so his email list not just about design is about digital world. I read Tobias email same reason why I watch Formula 1. I'll never be F1 driver. But it's feel good to be see what awesome people do."


"I don't know how I found your website in the endless abyss of information but I'm now a permanent resident of DESK. Whenever I feel down and I don't know how to proceed when doing creative work, I go and I read your blog. Thank for your work and for the inspiring visuals."