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NTMY Ep16 with PER/se

Yes, finally! The Nice To Meet You show is back!

After a little bit of a break over the winter, the NTMY show is finally here again! For those of you who're regular listeners, you might noticed the lack of new episodes over the last few months. But I promise, I haven't forgotten about NTMY.

I will continue to publish new episodes over the course of 2017 slowly trying to find my rhythm again. I've already scheduled interviews with a couple new guests, all makers and creators who you probably haven't heard about before (and thats a good thing).

My goal with the NTMY show is to keep introducing you to guests outside of your usual network, which is one of the reasons I don't refer to NTMY as a design podcast but more like a show with makers, builders and most importantly, no bullshitters.

But for this new episode, I'm happy to introduce you to PER/se, a fashion company in London founded by two sisters, Mandeep & Hardeep.

PER/se follows the concept of "JustOne" which is the core idea behind the company. What this means is that PER/se creates just ONE piece of clothing at a time every two or three months. Both, Mandeep & Hardeep want us to think more deeply about the things we buy and consume, especially in a world where fast fashion and impulse purchases drive an industry worth billions of dollars.

PER/se isn't trying to go big, but rather trying to go deep.

I personally loved their story and had to invite them on the show. Especially if you're in fashion or thinking about getting into the fashion industry, I highly recommend you to listen to this episode.

Listen to the latest episode here:

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